About Our hunting office

Welcome to St. George Hunting Office

The founder and leader of the St. George Hunting Office, Dr. Gyorgy Palkovics has operated in the field of wildlife management and hunting more than 30 years. He wants to utilize the experience that he gained in his private hunting area and the best hunting area of Hungary with the organization of the St. George Hunting.

St. George Hunting has many personal experiences about good and bad hunts and it and its colleagues know what most of its guests want:

Game area rich in:

  • Excellent hunter escorts, professional hunters who know where the game
  • A good kitchen where mouth-watering meals sizzle on the stove
  • Bright atmosphere of the hunting and at the hunting
  • Affordable prices

These are almost implemented at the same time. But our guests are usually persuaded to the contrary and they would like to come back.

Try it today! Be our regular guest!

We organize hunts for all species of game in Hungary, but we are very good at big wild boar hunts in game preserve and open area.