Hunting area in Hungary

St. George Hunting Office organizes exclusive hunts on its own hunting areas and other 1st class hunting areas of Hungary. St. George Hunting Office runs the hunting area at Gödre by its own operation. This is an excellent hunting area at the border of Somogy- and Baranya county, in the Zselic hills, between Kaposvár and Pécs and between the Forestry and Hunting operation of Somogy and Mecsek.


This 7000-hectare area is famous for its excellent pig shoots and successful big game hunts. The valleys of the rugged hills of Zselic are the excellent habitat of the wild boar found.This is one of the reasons that 15 to 20 pieces are available per day in open flat patterns.


The deer moo starts in the early September and finishes on 20-25 September. We kill in plenty 20-25 bulls with 7-10 kg trophies at the area. The deer population is medium quality like in other areas, 200-380 g antlers can be expected.


850 hectares game preserve operates in the middle of a beautiful hunting area. The huge size and the valley dotted and ensure that you will hunt in much more certain hope of hunter success. The preserve also has a male specific warren, where we can ensure over 30%-50% of the male rate for our prominent guests.

Our guests can shoot 50-80 pieces per day in our game preserve. You can shoot red deer, fallow deer and moufflon in the game preserve in good quality. In deflector hunting you can shoot for deer, fallow deer and moufflon, thus the hunting can be more multifarious.

We organize individual male huntings from the lurking-place in the game preserve. Horse and slight in the winter are also available for our guests.

The area is famous for its cuisine and family atmosphere, which welcomes our guests. We look forward our guests with lakeside, air-conditioned apartments with antique furniture, and beautiful landscapes. For the delight our guests can fish for big carps and predatory fishes in our fishing lakes.


For the accompanying family members request a variety of cultural programs are organized in the nearby historic towns: Pécs, Kaposvár, Dombóvár.


Our tired guests can relax in the spa and thermal complex of Dombóvár- Gunaras.

St. George Látkép

Other free time activities: carriage ride, horseback riding, wildlife observation, wildlife photography in the game preserve.

In these occasion skilled, well-versed escort is available for our guests, thereby we ensure our guests to spend their free time fun-packed between hunting.

We wish you many memorable and beautiful hunting experiences at our hunting area!