Personal experiences from hungarian huntings

I am Martin, a hunter from Slovakia. I shot lots of good boars in Slovakia and other countries, but I had an old desire to drop a huge wild boar. I have received news about the St. George Hunting who organized a hunting in December, 2009 when I shot the hugest wild boar of my life. The average length of the tusks was 24.2 cm and as you can see on the picture they are very thick. It has an international gold medal with 123.80 points. I was so glad and I proudly put this trophy - whose owner was at least 7 years - onto my wall. Laci, the warden, has done an excellent work and he professionally led me to the wild boar when we noticed it from the high-stand.

hunting in Hungary   hunting in Hungary 2



"I went to hunting areas of Gödre the first time in this year. I was hunting with Gabor anjd Janos hunters. The huntig area was situated on an amazing countryside, and Annuska was a perfect chef of the hunting lodge. I've gained wonderfull experiences. I almost allways shot something. My hunter partners were statisfied too. Here is a photo of my 3 days-long hunting."

Josef Nebel

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"This midle-aged male lived in a huge field. I saw him at the first night, and I immediately liked it. Michael hunter and I were trying to hunt it five times, but the boar was very clever and carefull. However the fifth it lost."

Hans Volger